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Anti-histamines and lime should be stopped for at least 5 days before performing an allergic test. The test takes about 25 minutes. It is painless and non-invasive. The result is immediate, after the test one allergen can be sensitized.

Any patient, regardless of age, can undergo the test in our office.

Allergen testing should start with the Basic Test.

This test contains a mixture of pollen allergen, food allergen, mites, hair (total of 95 allergens).

The following tests are also available: food, pollen, inhalation (450 allergens). They are an important complement to the allergy diagnosis. However, allergy testing should always start with a Basic Test, on the basis of which we undertake sensitization according to a specific allergen hierarchy.

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Bicom Optima offers a wide range of supportive treatments. The most popular are anti-smoking, anti-alcoholic, slimming, as well as painkillers and other therapies. For more information, please contact our Unimed clinic.

There are electromagnetic vibrations in and around the human body. They are superior to and control biochemical processes. Tissues and organs vibrate within certain frequency ranges. This is how the body’s spectrum of vibrations is created.
Physiological and pathological vibrations are together defined as the patient’s own vibrations.
The patient’s intrinsic vibration is transformed by modern technology into a therapeutic vibration (Bicom apparatus). This is done without adding other or technically generated frequencies.
Vibrations cause a therapeutic effect in the patient’s body by suppressing or reducing pathological vibrations and stimulating or amplifying physiological vibrations.
After the improvement of the biophysical energy state, the biochemical processes are quickly improved, leading to normalisation.
In addition to physiological vibrations, there are also pathological vibrations in every human being, caused by e.g. toxin poisoning, injuries, infections, untreated diseases, iatrogenic damage.
The patient’s own vibrations can be removed from the body’s surface by means of electrodes and transferred to the therapeutic apparatus via a wire.
From the patient’s own vibrations, the generated therapeutic vibrations are fed from the apparatus to the patient’s body. The therapeutic effect does not take place in the unit, but in the patient’s body.
The purpose of bioresonant therapy is to reduce or eliminate pathological vibrations and at the same time to strengthen physiological vibrations.
The main aim of bioresonant therapy is to activate the body’s own regulatory sieves and free the body from disturbing pathological influences to the extent necessary for recovery.

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Smoking cessation therapy is a method that supports the process of quitting smoking. Among many of its advantages, the biggest one is the elimination of nicotine hunger, which is the most disturbing to quit smoking, as well as the reduction of the desire to reach for a cigarette again. The therapy is painless and non-invasive. It lasts 40 minutes.

During the therapy, the Bicom Optima vaporizer uses electrodes, which are placed in appropriate parts of the body so that the therapy is as effective as possible. A cigarette butt and ashes should be brought to the therapy. You can also come earlier and light a cigarette just before the therapy. Then the patient receives a special container from the Bicom Optima operator, into which the ashes should be shredded and the cigarette butt thrown. We invite you to quit smoking with us. Take care of your health today!

Alcohol therapy is a collection of several programs selected to make it as effective as possible. It consists of programs to improve kidney function, detoxify the body, regenerate the liver, and a program to calm and calm the nerves.

This therapy is aimed at people with alcohol problems, but it is also a good solution for people who want to regenerate the body.

The therapy consists of 10 visits, once a week.

At the patient’s request, we issue a certificate of antialcohol therapy.