Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine

PDO Lifting Threads

Polydioxanone is a tissue-soluble synthetic fiber used, among other things, in plastic surgery for the insertion of skin and deep sutures.

In aesthetic medicine procedures, the lifting threads are introduced by means of thin cannulas, without the need to cut the skin. Thanks to this method we obtain immediate lifting effects without scars and postoperative swelling. The immediate lifting effect of the tahreads results from their mechanical tensioning effect on tissues.

Long-term effects result from the induction of physiological repair processes in the skin.

They lead to the creation of a natural “scaffolding” from newly formed collagen and elastin fibers and increase the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.


Aqualyx – a treatment for local fatty acids reducing the number of fat cells in the treated area.

Bocouture , Botox

Botulinum toxin type A is helpful in the prevention of mimic wrinkles. In combination with cross-linked hyaluronic acid preparations, administered subcutaneously, it helps to reduce deep wrinkles. In order to relax mimic muscles we also recommend treatments with Argireline.


A wide range of preparations, which are an excellent tool in the fight against various skin imperfections, allowing to restore its color, shine, tension and vitality. Conscientific and anti-aging treatments in our office are carried out on the face, neck, and cleavage area; on the hands; on the inside of the arms and thighs.


A group of treatments designed for immediate deep skin moisturization and firmness. Thanks to the use of stabilized hyaluronic acid preparations, the effect is long-lasting. Treatments of this type can be performed occasionally, in series or as a complement to the treatment with mesococktails.


A range of treatments consisting of filling in wrinkles of various depths, contouring the facial oval, volumetry, shaping the shape and volume of the lips. Thanks to the use of hyaluronic acid preparations with different degree of cross-linking, the results are very natural.