Collection point

Welcome to the UNIMED Collection Point in Warsaw Targówek, where the health and well-being of our patients are our priority. We are proud of our collaboration with the renowned company ALAB, a leader in the field of laboratory diagnostics. We offer a wide range of diagnostic services, which includes over 3500 different tests, ensuring that every patient can find something suitable for themselves.


Why choose our Collection Point?

Wide range of tests:

By collaborating with ALAB, we provide access to a wide range of laboratory tests. From routine blood analyses to specialized genetic tests, and advanced diagnostic examinations. With us, you can take care of every aspect of your health.

Experience and Trust:

ALAB is a leader in the industry, conducting 60 million tests annually. Their experience and precision are a guarantee of the reliability and credibility of the results.

Convenient online service:

We understand that our lives are becoming increasingly mobile and digital. Therefore, we provide the option to purchase and book tests online. Now, you can easily manage your tests and appointment schedule without leaving your home.

Individual approach to the patient:

Our team consists of qualified specialists who provide professional and empathetic care. In each examination, we focus on the individual needs and expectations of our patients.


How does it work?


Visit us at the UNIMED Collection Point in Warsaw Targówek and take care of your health with the best specialists. Your health is important to us, and thanks to our collaboration with ALAB, we can offer services of the highest standard.

  • Selection and purchase of tests:
    Browse and select from over 3500 available tests on our website. You can easily make a purchase online.

  • Appointment Booking:
    Reserve a convenient appointment time using our online system.

  • Visit the Collection Point:
    Come to us at the scheduled time. Our specialists will ensure a comfortable and professional testing experience.

  • Receiving Results:
    The results of your tests will be sent to you electronically, providing quick and convenient access to important information about your health.

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