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Discover the full range of dental services at UNIMED, tailored to the needs of every smile. From routine preventive care to advanced treatments, we provide comprehensive care to keep your smile healthy and beautiful

Hygienization treatments

Professional cleaning and preventive treatments to maintain oral health and freshness.

Conservative Dentistry

Comprehensive treatment of tooth decay and other dental issues, restoring functionality and aesthetics.


Individually tailored dentures and crowns, restoring a beautiful smile and life comfort.


Advanced X-ray imaging, enabling precise diagnostics and treatment planning.


Modern methods of correcting bite defects and teeth alignment for a healthy and aesthetic smile.


The use of a microscope for precise and accurate dental treatment.


Advanced dental implants for aesthetic and durable restoration of missing teeth.


Specialized root canal treatment of teeth, eliminating pain and infections, saving natural teeth.


Specialized treatment of gum diseases and the supporting structures of teeth, preventing their loss.

About us

OVER 30 years of experience



Our experience is the foundation upon which we build healthy smiles.


Satisfied Patients

Our commitment to the highest quality of care is reflected in the satisfaction of our patients.


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  • As a long-time patient of UNIMED, I am extremely satisfied with the quality of care I receive. The professionalism and commitment of the staff translate into my health and comfort. I recommend the office to anyone looking for a trusted dentist.
    Andrzej Guściorowski
  • UNIMED is a place where my fears related to visits to the dentist were dispelled. The atmosphere is friendly and the approach to the patient is individual and full of empathy. The treatments are painless and the effects exceeded my wildest expectations. I highly recommend it!
    Elżbieta Piaskowa

Dental Clinic in Warsaw

The UNIMED Dental Clinic in Warsaw offers comprehensive dental services. This collaboration of experienced specialists from various fields of dentistry ensures that patients receive high-specialty, personalized treatment. The clinic’s commitment to the continuous professional development of its doctors maintains the highest quality of services. Utilizing the latest materials and technology, they strive to meet the expectations of all their clients.

Professional Dental Care at Unimed – Targówek Dental Clinic

At UNIMED, we understand that dental care is essential at every stage of life. Our priority is to make every visit to our dentist in Targówek not just a necessity, but also a pleasant experience. Contact us for a professional dental consultation to assess the condition of your smile. Discover more about our services on our website and schedule an appointment online or by phone to start personalized dental care.

Aesthetic Dentistry Within Your Reach – Unimed Warsaw

Our dental center in Warsaw is more than just tooth treatment. At UNIMED, we create an atmosphere where every patient feels understood and comfortable. Our team not only treats effectively but also supports and soothes, taking into account the individual needs of each visitor. At UNIMED, you leave with a smile – thanks to healthy teeth and a positive experience.

Comprehensive Dental Care – Targówek Dental Clinic

Our clinic in Targówek focuses on comprehensive dental care. Our team of experts from various fields of dentistry offers a full range of services, from prevention to advanced treatments like root canal treatment under a microscope, prosthetics, implantology, orthodontics, and maxillofacial surgery. Modern technologies are key in our work, allowing us to provide services at the highest level.

Find Your Specialist – Unimed, Targówek Dentist

When looking for an experienced dentist in Warsaw, UNIMED is the place where you’ll find professionals from various fields of dentistry. Our specialists, constantly improving their skills, are ready to help with any dental issue. Choose our dental clinic in Targówek to experience the highest quality services, supported by modern equipment and technology.